This unit of work aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to produce a rich multimodal text in the form of a period display based on Colonial Australia. By incorporating a series of lessons which utilise a diverse range of pedagogical technique to examine the multimodality and written/visual grammar of a range of texts (both literary and visual) as well as provide opportunities for students to examine the events relating to Colonial Australia, students will be supported in developing a knowledge and understanding of how multimodal texts are structured and thus, achieve success in creating their own based upon our selected HSIE outcome (CCS2.1- Describes events and actions related to the British colonisation of Australia and assesses changes and consequences).
Upon completion of this unit, it is expected that students will demonstrate a competency in jointly producing a literary recount in the form of a diary entry from the perspective of a child settler, individually creating an artistic representation of an event described within their recount as well as collaboratively creating a power point display incorporating scanned images of their artworks as well as accompanying voice over and text.
The HSIE content explored within this unit is a direct continuation of the work completed within the previous year’s topic ‘Colonial Australia’. Within this previous unit, students have examined the actual events constituting the British settlement of Australia as well as having explored the concept of different perspectives held towards this event between individuals and how this has been represented through mediums such as written and visual texts. Thus, this series of lessons does not attempt to introduce the relevant content knowledge, but rather, reinforce and build upon the students’ prior knowledge and understandings to work towards achieving the identified focus outcome.