Currently listening to Disco Biscuit Love by The Jezabels.
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They are pretty fantastic.

Other Aussie bands that I like:

· Angus and Julia Stone.
· Yves Klein Blue.
· Washington.
· The Middle East.
· Boy & Bear.
· Hungry Kids of Hungary.
· Kimbra.
· The Seabellies.
· Holly Throsby.
· Steering by Stars.
· Darren Hanlon.
· Otouto.
· Jinja Safari.
· The Temper Trap
· Jonathon Boulet.
· Gypsy & The Cat.
· Midnight Oil.
· Paul Kelly.
· Nick Cave.
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Angus and Julia Stone are especially amazing. They are acoustic, folksy and SO addictive. Makes me want to learn guitar and dress in soldier outfits.

You can listen to their music here. And if you don't already know them, I would say this should be your top priorityexternal image angus-julia-stone-down-the-way-2010-L-2.jpeg
However, my favourite Aus. band HAS to be The Whitlams.
The first cd I ever bought was their single for Blow Up the Pokies.

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The tracks Blow Up the Pokies and The Curse Stops Here are still two of my favourite songs.